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Tourism Opportunities in Armenia

If you are thinking of visiting Armenia, you should know that it is a country with a wide tourist offer represented especially by places that are World Heritage Sites and other archaeological sites, where you will discover the roots of this European South Caucasus people; take a few moments to discover everything that awaits you in this jewel of the middle east.

Reasons to know Armenia

Armenia is a country that represents the border between Asia and Eastern Europe; surrounded by other nations such as Georgia, Trurqui, Iran and Azebaijan and with many years of history; but unknown by many tourists; who still do not know the compelling reasons you have to be visited by them.

It is a territory that can be visited any time of the year of xxx, however it is best to do it in spring and autumn because its continental climate makes its winters extremely cold, while its summers are extremely hot.

When you visit them in the months of May and June, you will admire their beautiful hills covered with multicolored carpets; but if you decide to go in September or October, you will be dazzled by its golden porno landscapes and the extensive vine crops ready to be harvested.

The reasons that can drive you to get to know Armenia, in addition to those mentioned above, are its hospitality, landscapes, gastronomy, drinks, Mount Ararat, Yerevan and Lake Sevan.

Places for sightseeing in Armenia

We point out some reasons to discover Armenia, but without a doubt you will find many others if you decide to do tourism in this country; since it is not massively frequented, so you will be able to get to know it without making long queues or difficulties to enter each of its facilities.

Without a doubt, it is a destination that fully satisfies lovers of medieval architecture, antiquities and culture; provided with landscapes that have been preserved over the years and world heritage such as its monasteries of Haghpat, Sanahin, Geghard and the high valley of Azacentros; religious centers such as Echmiatsin churches and archaeological sites such as Zvarnotz

All those tourists who have the opportunity to visit Armenia affirm that it is a cultural jewel, with important historical testimonies and a wide artistic legacy; Although it does not have renowned places, its monuments attract people from all over the world; interested in admiring the beauty of its monuments and excellent landscapes.

As part of the tourism opportunities in Armenia, we recommend you visit:

  • Garni Temple, of Roman origin and one of the few pagan buildings that has withstood the passing of the years, is located in a beautiful valley just 26 kilometers from the country’s capital city, Yerevan. This temple was built in the 1st century AD; although it should be noted that Armenia is one of the first pornici peoples to join the Christian religion.
  • Archaeological city of Ani, which was formerly the capital of Armenia and where twelve Christian temples are preserved, which leads it to be identified as the city of a thousand churches. Three of these wonderful buildings are dedicated to Saint Gregory and there is also a wall erected as a fortress belonging to the time of the Seljuks.
  • Noratus Cemetery, a place that is domaci pornici recognized for having the largest number of stone crosses in the world; considered a representative of Armenian art and identified as Khackras. It is one of the best examples of funerary manifestations of its culture and an art worthy of admiration, declared Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.
  • Statue of Mother Armenia, a monument of important representative value for this nation with which the female presence in it is personified; is exhibited in one of Yerevan’s parks; with a statue made of hammered copper and with a height of 22 meters.
  • Monument to the Armenian Genocide, monuments that can be seen on one of the hills surrounding Yerevan; with which the victims and refugees expelled from the country in 1915, as a result of World War I, are symbolized.